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Candle Maker


"Being a candle is not easy: in order to give light one must burn first"

- Rumi -


My name is Jamie Clayton

Thank you so much for stopping by my name is Jamie and I am the founder of Crackling Springs Candles. I'm a little obsessed with candles, camping, family time, and enjoying all of the moments we can in life!


Our candles will create a relaxing atmosphere with the soothing crackling sound resembling a fireplace and igniting your sense of smell along the way. 

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I have been an avid candle lover for as long as I can remember. After days full of work and "mommy-ing hard", the joy of lighting a candle for a sweet escape at the end of the evening still beckons me. I knew I wanted to create great smelling candles, but I also wanted that crackle, like a mini campfire right next to me! What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a passion, and Crackling Springs Candle was born.

I did extensive research on candles so I can make the highest quality candles possible that are safe, long-lasting, have an amazing smell, and brings some crackle to your senses. You can be sure that Crackling Springs Candle is crafted with the highest quality ingredients available. Our candles are made with a virgin coconut soy wax blend that are gluten free, vegan, toxin free, skin safe, paraben free, phthalate free and come from renewable sources. The entire blend utilizes only FDA approved waxes.​​

The wicks we use are natural crackling wicks that are sourced from FSC-certified mills. These wicks produce a relaxing ambiance that will make you feel like you have a fireplace beside you. The horizontal flame shape also has a unique touch for a more transformational experience to indulge yourself in.

I take great pride in my candles, and hope you love them as much as I do.

Our Clients Say

"Received this candle as a gift and could not be happier every time I light it. Besides the way it ‘crackles’, which is unique. The fragrance has such an earthy, calming effect and makes my entire room blissful."

Shirley - Kansas

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