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Plum Noir

Plum Noir


This fragrance intertwines the opulent notes of damask plum, symbolizing abundance, and velvet cashmere, embodying luxury. It's a tale of indulgence and allure, where sophistication meets extravagance.

Elevate your senses with Plum Noir, a sumptuous blend that evokes the opulence of a luxurious evening affair. Delight in the juicy sweetness of damask plum, perfectly enveloped in the velvety softness of cashmere, creating a rich and indulgent olfactory experience. 


TopWillowleaf Mandarin, Damask Plum, Muguet
middleJasmine Noir, Cassis, Rose Hip
baseSugared Tonka, Oud Wood, Whipped Musk, Santal



About the Product
About the Product: Virgin coconut wax blend is hand-poured into a vessel and is topped with a lid that keeps the candle dust-free when not in use. The single wooden wick allows you to enjoy fragrance throw for 70-80 hours, depending on your candle care and size of candle. Our candles are hand-poured in the United States and feature our clean-burning virgin coconut wax blend and 100% natural wooden wicks. Our products are free of phthalates, pesticides, parabens and sulfates and are never tested on animals. Up-cycle this vessel into a keepsake after the last burn.

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